Looking for escorts in Dubai? Read these tips!

The clients are looking for possible escorts through the special model agencies or through Independent Dubai escorts directory. The requirements for the future escorts may be quite tough: potential mistress must not be older than 23 years, and their growth should be not less than 173 cm. It should be noted that the Eastern men prefer girls with natural appearance, without pumped lips. At the same time, escort-girls sometimes get money just without having sex with their client or his guests.

Earnings and duties of escorts

Such work often turns out to be a start in a life for ordinary girls, because they manage to earn huge sums of money, travel and even get a good education. So, once a wealthy Arab paid for one of his mistress’s education at a prestigious University in London. Expensive gifts that models receive from their influential sponsors are also not rare. Commonly, for one 4-weeks escort tour, escorts receive an income of $5,000 – $10,000. If escort-girls serve very wealthy Arabs or sheikhs, their services are paid more than generously approximately 5000 USD a week. In this case the girls totally earn and take home $70,000-$200,000.

Sheikh girls must serve guests of their owner, for example, foreign investors. They need to go with someone who was indicated by her customer. And sex must occur where the guest wants and as he wants. So, one girl was ordered to have sex with two big trained dogs of her client.

Specificity of escorting of Russian oligarchs

Some escort-girls have to serve only Russian oligarchs. The rules are simple: payment for sex. The conditions of all parties are prescribed in special closed chats. Everyday a girl receives different messages about the person who pays, the cash sum, the venue of the event. The message also specifies the desired type of the girl’s behavior, clothes and data regarding her growth, shapes, hair color, etc..

Escorts as the personal concubines

In Dubai relatively easy is to find a sponsor and many escort-girls managed to achieve it. Some of the customers who have met the ‘girl of their dreams’ provide her with full contents. But in this case the girl should serve only to her customer. However, he may not appear for several weeks. Thus the girl should remain in a well-furnished apartment of her owner, giving no reason for him to doubt in her devotion and immediately satisfying him after his first command.

Nuances to keep in mind

In order your escort trip to be successful it’s important to keep in mind:

  • Beyond the outskirts of Dubai an attitude towards girls may be rough. In most cases the local males are not accustomed to perceiving them as equals. In contrast in the center of the city rude and irreverent attitude to females is very rare.

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