Male erotic zones

Erotic massage is something that works with the most sensitive zones of an “object”. Such zones can differ in different people, but in general, are the same for each gender. For a man, such zones are (except the zone around the penis):

  • Buttocks and the cavities under the knees
  • The nipples and the surrounding skin,
  • The fingers and toes
  • The back of the head
  • The tail bone, and the belly zone between the navel and the pubis.

Tips for home erotic massage

To free your sexual energy, it is better to use professional studios like SweetSensations company. Anyway, you can try something at home. For a new experience, it is better to start with a hand and foot massage. It relaxes, relieves muscle tension, fatigue, and increases blood flow. The erogenous zones of many men are located precisely on the fingers and toes, so it is not bad to pay attention to each finger. Masseuses can use circular motions here. After that, you can go to the back side. Start with gentle strokes, then move to a more intense massage. The erogenous zone is usually between the shoulder blades – so don’t miss this area. The logical continuation of the back massage – the buttocks. When doing massage, along with strokes you can use rhythmic clapping movements and pressing. To end the procedure, you need to lower the tension. This can be done on massaging the back surfaces of the legs. This is followed by kneading and chopping movements on the back and inside of the thigh. Anyway, the home erotic massage is not likely to be a proper action because of the lack of knowledge and experience.