Use The Right PUA Routines And Get Laid Tonight

PUA routines are for pick up artists, but the best pick up routines aren’t actually routines. There are individuals that are pick up artists and some of them are entertaining to women, even those that know they are pick up artists.
The PUA routines that they use can be fun starters to conversations sometimes, especially when both people recognize the routine and make fun of it. But to start a conversation, sometimes the best approach is to learn a few key points about conversation, even when you hope to make a date of it.
Know the right things to say
When we talk generally a few things occur. We choose words and we choose ideas. We often insert something else entirely into these or maybe more accurately we choose our words and ideas of our speech to communicate a something else sometimes. Regardless of the layers that we discover in a conversation some things are common in most: focus and continuity.
That use of focus is a bit of a stretch. Really it’s about attention, but that is more for the next section. This section is mostly about continuity, so to continue let’s look at what it is and how we can create it. Continuity implies that what follows is a continuation of what has already happen.
It can really help to create a sense of security. For example, if you know where something came from and know where it is you can begin to know where it might go. That can be a comfortable thing.
We can create that in a few ways. One is by staying on topic or sticking with an idea. For example, if someone is talking about math and they are talking about division, you might interject that isn’t it wonderfully ordered how the divisor and the quotient can reach the original number through multiplication! That’s one of the great things about math you know what you are going to get and know how to get there.
Another way is to simply choose a word. If they mention that they ate a Vegan sandwich at Boca21 yesterday, you might say “You have a beautiful mouth. Boca is Spanish for mouth isn’t it?” Continuity in these instances does a couple of things. It acknowledges that you are aware of what the individual said and you have provided something related from your existence.
Be on the lookout for more telling signs!
There is more to it than words and the route is not always a straight line. In fact at the end of it you may find yourself somewhere completely different than you were hoping to get, but you might like it, or you might want to leave when you realize that it isn’t going in the direction you want it to. Not all conversations are like arm wrestling.
Pay attention to the individual’s body. Reveal emotion and sentiment in your conversation. Think about where the other person leads with words and with action. Do you want to go there?
Sometimes in the course of a conversation you might find you go somewhere you wouldn’t normally go to get somewhere you wanted to. That continuity extends beyond the words and the mouth and the mind.
A method of approach that supplies what is wanted and encourages the giving of what is desired is a good start and it may be easier than copying someone else’s material. PUA routines are most effective when they aren’t pick up routines.