Advanced sex positions:

the wheelbarrow
Try these sex positions if you’re looking for a head rush – and you’re in an athletic mood!
The woman starts on all fours. The man, standing behind, picks her legs up and holds them, to leave the woman standing just on her hands. He then raises his partner to penetrate – or penetration can be achieved while he still has his hands free.
Penetration is deep and the wheelbarrow position is great to make a smaller man seem bigger. It’s also great for hitting the G-spot, and there’s the thrill of the rush of blood to the head. Some women love this. Beware though: if you start to feel dizzy, you need to stop – fainting during sex not being particularly sexy. Oh, and you need strong arms!
So you’ve been there and done that already?
If you’re feeling yet more adventurous, try the backwards wheelbarrow. In this position, the woman climbs onto the man, wraps her legs around him, and grips onto him with her thighs. Slowly, she lowers herself backwards until her hands touch the floor, the man holding her waist.
A more excitiing way of achieving this position is for woman to do a handstand against her partner, then slide her legs down either side of him, while he holds her waist. Once at the right level, she wraps her legs together behind him and he penetrates her.
Once again, penetration is deep, there’s that head rush, and this position is good for G-spot stimulation. The man should also find it relatively easy to stimulate his partner’s clitoris.

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