Approaching Women At The Gym

Approaching women at the gym is not very different to approaching them anywhere else. The key thing here is to have confidence, and oodles of it. When you’re at a gym one of the things you need to be mindful of when speaking to women is that some of them are quite sensitive about their figure. This is most likely why they’ve come to the gym to work out because like everyone else at the gym, they’re concerned about how they look and want to improve it. So steer clear of all comments regarding her weight or figure and you should be okay.
Before you decide to approach that woman you have seen working out in the gym and can’t get your eyes off, you might want to improve your own physique if you feel you need to, and if you’re already on the way to being Mr. Universe, you could impress your lady friend by showing her your muscles; subtly of course. Walking up to her and flexing them is not likely to impress any woman, Tarzan.
As you are in a gym, sweating slightly isn’t such a bad thing. In fact some women may be turned on by the sweat glistening on a well-toned body. On the other hand, if you are sweating profusely, I mean beads of sweat just oozing out of every pore, you might want to rub yourself down first. Also make sure you have applied some deodorant! This isn’t rocket science. If you’ve been working out and haven’t applied deodorant, you are likely to smell and chicks don’t dig smelly guys just like they dont dig guys who use pick up lines.
If you have a good physique and the looks to match, you could try to catch her attention by lifting weights. You could always watch her work out and glance in her direction once in awhile. Make sure you aren’t staring as this may be a turn-off. Your best time to talk to her would be after her work out.
Start the conversation off by telling her that you were impressed by her workout and then tell her your name. If she shows some interest, ask her for her name and offer her something to drink, so you can both take a break. Because you’re both at the gym, that would be an ideal starting point for your conversation. Just make sure you look like you’ve actually worked out a bit so that you don’t come off as someone who goes to gyms to pick up chicks.
Maintain eye contact and avoid staring at her body. You want to show her you’re interested in her, but this doesn’t prevent you from making positive comments about her figure in a nice way.
No matter your age approaching women at the gym is not only for guys with bulging biceps. If you don’t have the best physique you could approach her and ask her for some ideas on how to work out. You might even get ask her to instruct you on some techniques.
So approaching women at the gym is not all that difficult with the right attitude and a good dose of self-confidence and pay attention to her eyes and dont try and impress her. Also dont use pick up lines.
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