Approaching Women In A Coffee Shop

Approaching Women In A Coffee Shop
Approaching women in a coffee shop is quiet an easy way to meet some new women. Most coffee shops don’t have loud music so it is easy to talk; they normally have a very relaxing vibe about them and can be full of single women. When it comes to approaching women in a coffee shops , some guys will tell you that you should try and sit down with her and have a coffee then try to get her to go somewhere else with you. Me I like to just have a quick chat with her and get her number. Either way is fine, if she invites you to join her why not, personally i never ask if I can join her.
There are two big mistakes guys make when  in a coffee shops. I will tell you what they are so you don’t fall into these traps.
The first mistake guys make approaching women in a coffee shops is they move way to quick. The walk in order a coffee see a girl sitting by herself walk up and start trying to start a conversation with her only to be interrupted by her friend who was at the counter, bathroom or was running late. As soon as this happens its game over. Instead I would suggest grab your coffee sit down and look at what’s going on, what she is wearing will tell you quiet a lot, is she waiting for a her date? Is she waiting for a friend?
The easiest way to tell is what is she doing? Is she looking around, are there two coffee cups on the table, is the chair across from her pushed in is there a coat or jacket hanging over it? Or is her head in a book or laptop? Once you start to get better at this you will be able to see all these things in a few seconds. Now again this is not a fool proof way and you may be wrong, but you will be right more often than not.
The second mistakes guys make when approaching women in coffee shops is they will walk over to her and start talking to her but remain standing. If a girl is sitting and you are standing it is uncomfortable for both of you. If you start talking to a girl in coffee shops and there is an open seat sit, don’t ask for permission, pull out the chair and say something like “I have to get to a meeting in a few minutes but……” This is an old technique but it is tried and tested. I normally look at my watch before I say this just adds to it a little.
So when  approaching women in a coffee shops how do you open a conversation?
If you want to use a situational opener, have a look at what’s she is doing or what’s around her. If she is reading a book I always use my tried and tested “Hey I don’t want to ruin your book but he dies in the end, it was very emotional” said with a big smile on your face of course. Now she will either understand what’s happening and play along or she will not get it and she will snap back at you “It’s a poetry book” or whatever.
If she gets it play along for a minute or so, as you sit use the “I have a meeting in a few minutes but…..” then after a few minutes move to the “ Hey it was nice to meet you I would like to get to know you better what’s your number”. Now if she doesn’t get it, if you are just starting out just smile and walk away, personally I see this as a challenge and will quickly switch to something else.
If you’re in coffee shops that are in a shopping center, you can always ask for her advice on something you were going to buy anyway, but it will open the conversation. Another great way is to show her something you brought and ask her this “Do I look sexy or do I look hot in this, I know it’s one of them just not sure which one” said with a big smile of course.
You can play around with this if you are short you can ask “does this shirt make me look taller” if your overweight does this make me look thin, I think you get the point. The idea with this opener is to not only appear confident but also fun, if she starts smiling and playing along go with it, if she doesn’t walk away try it on the next girl you see.
Approaching women in  coffee shops can be very beneficial if you want to start dating more women.  One last tip if you are going to a coffee shops and the only reason you going is to approach women, have a few coffee shops that you go to instead of always hitting the same one.
Now next time you are in coffee shop, start approaching some women instead of just sitting there by yourself, remember the one you don’t approach is the one you will never date.

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