Approaching Women

Be Different When it comes to approaching women one of the keys is to be a little bit different. Now did you see that word a little when I have told this to some guys they seem to take it to the extreme and freaked out the girl they were speaking to. Let me give you an example of being different.
I recently arrived back home from a fantastic trip to Thailand. I was fortunate enough to spend a few days in Bangkok and two weeks in Phuket. If you have never been to either of these places I highly recommend them for a good cheap holiday and some great R and R time. If you have been there you will know the two questions I was asked 100’s of time
1)    Would you like to buy a suit Mister
2)    Would you like a tuk-tuk (A small motorised bike with seating in the back)
Now the first few day or so it was fun but it wore pretty thin pretty quickly believe me! The funny thing is we flew all through the night and I didn’t sleep at all, I was too busy thinking about what I great time I had and then I realised after being asked the question of whether I need a suit or a tuk tuk so many times I did in fact buy some suits and took a tuk tuk on many occasions but I had one one tuk tuk driver and had all my suits made at the one tailor, this was defiantly not through lack of offers for both.
So you are asking how does this relate to approaching women? Let me change things around a little bit. Imagine a beautiful girl (in this story we will say a guy walking around Phuket) now this beautiful girl gets hit on every time she walks down the street by guys (the guys are the suit sales men) now she is actually looking for a boyfriend/partner (a suit) so what would make her choose one of them? After all they are all using pretty much the same standard lines when they speak with her, but along comes a guy who understands what’s going on here, he is interesting, funny and not coming from a mindset of scarcity. This guy now has her attention; he is different from the rest and she now wanting to know more about him.
You see guys there is a big difference between a guy who has no idea what he is doing with a women and chances are he will keep repeating the same mistakes throughout his life and become jaded. Then there are the guys who get it the understand the process and are never short of a date.
In other words you need to be different.
Did you know there is a part of the brain called the reticulate system? The very cleaver part of the brain is the part that if something stands out or is a little different it says to the rest of the brain there is something going on here you need to pay attention to it, if you don’t get the reticula activation part of the brains attention you will be quickly disregarded and being the same as everybody else and not worth the time. The same old boring opening lines will get you the same old nothing results learn to be different when you are first approach women.