Get Your Girlfriend Back – She May Have Broke Your Heart, But You Still Want Her

It’s hard to just turn off the way that you feel about someone, especially if they were a really significant part of your life. It’s easy to say that hey, you should just get over your ex girlfriend if she broke up with you, because it is just going to stress you out. That does not stop the feelings though, does it? All it does is kind of wash over the way that you feel and next thing you know… those same old feelings come right back again and you realize that you still want her.

Expecting yourself to just be able to turn off the way that you feel about your ex girlfriend is pretty unrealistic. Any guy who has had a serious relationship or who has been dumped a woman he did not want to lose knows this. Just because she may have broken up with you, it’s not like you are going to be able to turn it off like it was some kind of a faucet, and you really should not expect yourself to be able to do that.

If you want to get your girlfriend back, if you still feel as though you want her and you cannot get her out of your mind, then pay attention. Although you may hear a lot of noise from the naysayers about how you cannot make her come back to you or that going back to her will be a mistake, just realize it’s not them that has to deal with this… it’s YOU!

So, the choice is really yours and yours alone to make. And if you have weighed out the pluses and the minuses about getting back together and you feel like it is the BEST thing that you can do, by all means… do it! You don’t want to look back on what may have been and think that had you listened to yourself you would have been able to win back the woman you love. And that is the best part. In most situations, you will be able to get your girlfriend back, even if she was the one who initiated the break up.

How can you do this?

Once you have made the decision to try to win back your ex girlfriend, you have to then begin to make a clear plan on what you are going to do to make this happen. One of the biggest mistakes that you can make is to assume that you will be able to just figure it out and get it right. A lot of guys have felt that way and then found out that they did not really know what they should have done. Not only do you need to get things right, you also have to find a way to make your ex girlfriend start to feel like she wants the same thing that you do. Meaning, she has to want to get back together just as much as you do.

Make Her Feel The Same Way and SHE Will Want YOU Back…

If you can make her feel the same way… then you pretty much will have already accomplished your goal and winning her back will all just boil down to whether or not you start dating again. Where many guys go wrong, and something that you want to avoid, is to try and get her back without dating again. Most guys try to go right back into a full on relationship and that can make things much more complicated than they need to be. Take it slow, date for a while, and in no time at all you can find yourself back with your ex girlfriend and in a better and STRONGER relationship.

Having feelings for your ex girlfriend can be a GOOD thing, as long as you ACT on them and find a way to make her feel the same way. If not, then they are just going to make you feel miserable.

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