10 Things That Will Rock Her World and No It’s Not About Size

Loading… Let’s face it, most of aren’t going to knock Ron Jeremy off his long standing (no pun intended) bandwagon. Frankly, I’m not a porn star and have no desire to audition; I’m satisfied with just scoring for my own satisfaction. You? I mean if you’ve sporting 10 inches, good for you, but studies show (no, not porn sites, studies) that women do not care (or at least they aren’t admitting it) about the size of your member. Got it? Believe it! There are a ton of things that will have her screaming your name far more quickly than caring if you’re over 8 inches fully hard
So here’s the top 10 ways to get a lady in bed, without pulling down your pants and saying…. «Hey lookie here…»
10. Cleanliness
Yeah I know its sounds lame but we don’t care about that, we care about what makes a woman tick. And if being clean does it, then do it. That does NOT mean you have to give up your ‘badboy’ image, keep it, but underneath the rugged exterior, be clean. And according to AskMen want to guess what’s next in line? Ready… Clean Sheets. Yep, I know, who really cares… well they do, so, so do you. Just imagine some beautiful babe laid out there, skin aglow, hair streaming across the pillow. Once she’s gone, hey let ‘em get dirty again, that’s your choice.
9. Staying fit and Healthy
Get off your fat ass… take a walk, breathe the air, live life to the fullest. If you’re not in shape, get in shape, that’s good for (first and foremost) you and your daily life. But women love guys who are fit (this according to a University Study). That doesn’t mean you have to be a body builder, just a lean, mean fighting machine, at least as far as you can with your body type. It’s not that hard, just take a little time at the gym, or if you’re not near a gym get a Home Gym and give it a go. Not only will that help -IMMENSELY- with the ladies, getting in shape is a great confidence builder and nothing… nothing… not one single thing will get you the girls like being confident.
8.  Cook Her Dinner
What! Yep, they love it. And if you can’t cook, get something catered, then warm it in the oven, served with some wine and candlelight, it can work wonders. And this holds true whether it’s a weekend fling or a long term relationship. Now here’s the bad (read good) part, do the dishes. Don’t talk about doing the dishes, just get up and do them while continuing to have an intimate conversation. You can keep the candlelight flickering and the wine flowing, but when they see you helping out, doing things they wouldn’t have thought you’d do…Then… then they are ready to do it…
7. Sex Toys
Oh god, this is a subject that not everyone wants to talk about. But the question is why? Using sex toys doesn’t mean you’re less of a man, more than you’re secure in your masculinity and willing to experiment. I say (and so do the girls), go for it. It doesn’t mean you haven’t got the goods, more that you’re willing to go the extra mile to ensure that she’s pleased. And believe me, there is nothing better than having a woman satisfied. They will literally, worship the ground you walk on.
Interested in the science behind it? No? Then skip to the next number, but ‘survey says’ that women love it… they are brought to a higher level or orgasm, experience less pain (and you wouldn’t want that would you?), are better lubricated and have a greater feeling of arousal.
6. It’s a Marathon not a Sprint
We’ve all heard the jokes about how long a guy lasts right… «He’s great in bed, at least for a minute or so». The key to pleasuring a woman is to take your time and not rush to the finish. Ideally, you’ll both climax together and when that happens, that’s when the expression… «the little death» comes in to play. It’s a total rocket trip to the top of the world, but for both of you. When you can achieve that, and practice makes perfect, you’ll rock her world and (assuming you want it), your reputation will immediately be taken to a new level (not going to say Love God, but yeah Love God). If you’re having trouble lasting more than minutes, take a look at Kegel Exercises, which will go a long way toward giving you ability to take the full journey to the top of Mt. Olympus.
5. A Giant of a Man
There are different schools of thought concerning how tall you need to be. Some women think 6′ is the perfect size, others that it doesn’t matter so much. The point is, how tall you are isn’t something you can do anything about, that’s who you are so live with it, be a man. Be strong and confident and remember, «It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, rather the size of the fight in the dog». Frankly I’m about average at 5’10», certainly not tall, but most of the ladies that attract me are shorter than that, maybe with heels they come close to looking me in the eye, but honestly I could care less and I’ve never had a woman complain about my size.
4. Are you any good with your tongue?
Let’s face it guys, we love oral sex and so do the ladies. If you’re not already an expert on the subject, it’s time to lift your game and learn how to please a woman orally. Why? Well, beyond the fact you’ll have her screaming and moaning, which is always an ego boost, studies show if you keep her happy in bed, there’s less chance she’ll stray.
FACT: A large percentage of women do not reach orgasm from typical orgasm, while 90% of women surveyed did reach orgasm from oral stimulation.
3. Staying True Blue
There’s going to be a wide variety of guys reading this, some in it for the one night stand (that’s cool) some in it for the long haul. So this point is addressing the ‘long haul’ and what knowing a guy is committed to them does for a relationship. I’m going to assume you know that women (guys too, but women mostly) are constantly going over and over in their mind what a guy think, how they look, will he like me, am I going to have sex, etc.   While a guy might just be thinking, «how quick can I get her naked». If you’re committed to a babe and assuming she knows it, she’s going to be a lot more open in the bedroom. It will become her job, her commitment, her mission in life to please you. I’m not going say long term is better, just saying if you want her to be totally open (a wild child in bed) let her know, or make her believe you are committed to the relationship.
2. On being passionate
Make her believe she’s a goddess. I don’t mean bow down and be a wimp, but let her know you appreciate her, her body, her scent, the smoothness of her skin, the way she is moist and ready, the softness of her lips, the way her tongue feels when she use it in JUST the right places. When she knows that you’re into her, she is that much more likely to be -into you-.
1. Ask her, then listen
Guys, sometimes we aren’t the best at listening right, we’re much more action oriented. Understand, that’s me to a tee, but sometimes, especially if we’re looking for hot sex, ask her want she likes, then listen to what she says and meet her needs. Ultimately, you’re going to be the winner, if she  believe you care enough to respond to what she says, she’s going to be that much more willing to respond to your needs.
Guys, there really are «Secrets of Seduction», they can be learned and used effectively to reach any goal you want with a woman. Whether it’s simply finding someone for a hot weekend, or a long term relationship, set your sights on the stars, then go for it.

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