50 Romantic Ideas

Romantic ideas to keep the romance in your relationships.

1. Surprise her with her favorite flower whether it be a dozen roses or some other type.
2. Send her a romantic e-card.
3. Give her a backrub or a massage.
4. Give her a card”just because”.
5. Take a bubble bath together by candlelight.
6. Fill her apartment, car, workplace, etc, with flowers or gifts.
7. Snuggle together before you go to sleep.
8. Give her some loving coupons entitling her to a free meal, hug, etc.
9. Make it a point to call her during the day just to say”I love you”.
10. Take a walk together in the moonlight.
11. Write her a love letter, cut it into pieces like a jigsaw puzzle and give her a piece a day until it is complete.
12. Create a scrapbook of little tokens that you have kept while you have been together, such as theatre tickets, photos, wine corks, etc.
13. Get out of bed early, cook breakfast and deliver it to her in bed.
14. Write her a love poem.
15. Leave love notes in places where you know your love will eventually find them, such as in her glove compartment, under the pillow, etc.
16. Name a star after her. See the International Star Registry.
17. Make it a point to tell your loved one”I love you”each day.
18. Spend the weekend at a swanky hotel.
19. Take a carriage ride around your home town.
20. Build your loved one a web page.
21. Give her a gift that she has always wanted.
22. Buy her a personalised teddy bear with”I love you”on it.
23. Rent a romantic movie and snuggle up for the night together in front of the box.
24. Compliment your lover at least once each day.
25. Watch the sunset together at the beach or some other romantic place.
26. Stay up all night and watch the sunrise together.
27. Make your lover a card”just because”.
28. Go to a coffee shop together, enjoy a cup of coffee or tea and each other’s company.
29. Share a plate of spaghetti together.
30. Listen without interrupting when she is talking.
31. Send a bouquet of flowers to her workplace to make her feel extra special in front of her colleagues.
32. Spend one week without the TV — you will be suprised at how much time you spend together and how much you will enjoy each other’s company.
33. Exchange keys to each other’s cars and homes.
34. Take a day off work and spend it in bed together.
35. Cook her a romantic meal for two.
36. Do something that you both enjoy together, whether it be ice-skating, going to the movies, or whatever, as long as you spend at least an afternoon doing it.
37. Do something different each day to add excitement and mystery to your relationship.
38. Dedicate her favorite song on the radio when you know she will be driving home from work.
39. Surprise your love by doing the dishes, laundry, etc.
40. Buy tickets to her favorite event.
41. Go back to the place where you had your first date.
42. Fly a kite together. Yes, fly a kite. This isn’t just for kids — you will be hooked.
43. Get a local directory of your area and spend the day together visiting interesting places that you have yet to discover.
44. Write her a love note and pack it in her lunch box.
45. Give Hershey Kisses with a note attached saying they can be exchanged for real kisses.
46. Celebrate your anniversary every month instead of just once a year.
47. Turn the bedroom into a love nest with candles and fresh flowers.
48. Turn up unexpectedly at her workplace to walk her home.
49. Scatter rose petals all over the bed with an expensive bottle of perfume in the middle of them.
50. Make one day a week your day filled with romance and make it different each week.

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