Advanced Scoping Techniques

Knowing how to scope is a vital part of being successful with women. Most men, as I mentioned in the introduction, choose the women they approach based on three simple bits of criteria: how attractive the girl is, how intimidating she/her crowd appear to be, and whether or not they feel they have the balls to go up to her and try it on. By using these prerequisites, the only thing most men accomplish or establish is that they are
interested in the girl, and NOT that the girl is interested in them – or, for that matter, anyone.

Advanced scoping solves this problem by allowing you to distinguish between which women are flirts who will not put out no matter who tries to seduce them, which girls are interested in meeting ‘Mr Right’ and therefore susceptible to your seduction techniques, and which girls are specifically interested or attracted to you even before you’ve approached them.

The best place to start in regards to advanced scoping is by learning about wide-casting– the way women subconsciously advertise the fact that they’re available and willing to meet and possibly be seduced by a guy like you.
Imagine you’re out of on the town with a few friends, you’re in a club you’ve been to a few times before but never had any luck in as far as seducing girls goes. The place is populated fairly evenly by men and women, about 50/50 in ratio. The females in the club all, to an untrained eye, appear be doing the same thing – sitting around, dancing, drinking at the bar, talking with friends, the usual stuff.

On the surface, it seems impossible to differentiate between the girls that would realistically be willing to allow a guy to seduce and get with them, and the girls that for whatever reason simply would not. Some women, after all, will be on their periods, have boyfriends, have weird issues when it comes to being picked-up or hit on, who knows…

However, about 60-70% of those women are wide-casting that they are in fact able and willing to be approached and seduced (if it’s done right!). They do this through their use of body language and in the way they behave. Here’s how women subconsciously signal that they’re «available» – sometimes even when they «officially» have a boyfriend or husband.
Wide casting signal #1: Appearance
First things first, look at what a girl’s wearing. Women make themselves look attractive by exaggerating and accentuating the differences they have with us men. That means wearing clothes that show off the fact they have breasts (by showing cleavage), have ass (by wearing tight jeans and rolling their hips sexily when they walk) and dancing provocatively to demonstrate and show-off their curves and womanly ways. Any woman that draws attention to her femininity and sexuality through the types of clothes she chooses to wear subconsciously wants the attention of the opposite sex – us men. That doesn’t, however, automatically mean they’ll always put out or respond well to other seduction techniques.

We’ve all seen girls who act and look like sluts but suddenly become little miss innocent – insulted and shocked – when a guy draws attention to the
fact they’re attractive…like they didn’t know. So, despite their appearance not being a solid indicator of their availability by itself, always analyze it as a matter of procedure before looking for other signs of wide-casting and narrow-casting – it often gives you a good idea of what’s going on in the mind of the girl.
Wide casting signal #2: Behaviour
Women – whether they’re ugly, average or scorching hot – subconsciously signal that they’re interested in being approached, and maybe even seduced, by changing the way they move and behave. Look out for girls that, even from a distance, are talking to each other in an animated and full-of-life way. Girls gesticulate (illustrate what they’re saying by waving around and otherwise using their hands) more when they want to wide-cast
their availability because it gets the attention of men around them.

You’ll often see a group of 3 or 4 girls with one or two talking much more energetically and enthusiastically than the others – this is a perfect set-up for you, as the presence of other girls in the group – the ones who aren’t as lively and animated – allows you to use several powerful seduction techniques designed for use on a group of females.