Are Women Really Prudes or Sexual Monsters?

You need the right beliefs about women to play the seduction game well and reap the rewards.
Check it out: Your belief systems are a lot like your dress and your breath, and any other outward item of appearance, for that matter.
Here is what I mean.
You cannot expect to play seduction without the proper beliefs. Not if you want to play seduction well and reap the rewards. So this is point number one:
You need the right beliefs to play the game.
The problem is you might have the wrong beliefs and NOT EVEN KNOW IT.
How frustrating would it be to approach a woman, not even realizing your beliefs were holding you back? That you, time and time again, think you are doing everything right and yet keep getting shut down?
You can give an opener, you’ve got a nice smile; you’ve GOT skills, but for SOME reason you keep failing to score?
You are playing with faulty beliefs and don’t even know it.
Here is point number two: (pay attention, now, because this is very important)
You can change your beliefs!
There you are, about to approach a woman, and the whole world freezes. You can move around, like in the Matrix training programs, but everything else is frozen.
Now here comes your angel wingman and whispers in your ear a half-dozen tips specifically about this woman. He disappears, and the world starts moving again.
NOW you are ready to play. Feel better?
Well, good, because guess what – I’m your buddy, and I’ve just shown up in the nick of time to help you change out your faulty mental equipment, give you a boost of relaxed confidence, and let you in on a few secrets to bring your seduction game up to the level of the pros.
Here is a big faulty belief right away: “Women don’t like sex.”This is a belief that you have been miss-taught by everything from movies and TV to your own parents.
Just to be clear…
WRONG belief: Women don’t like sex. Women have to be convinced or tricked into having sex. Women don’t like/think about/talk about sex as much as men.
RIGHT belief: Women like sex. (Notice that ended with a period. “Women like sex – PERIOD”)
You can’t avoid the woman’s magazines in the checkout stands. Every one of them, from Redbook to Young Miss, have glaring headers that scream article topics like…
“The Best Sex You’ll Ever Have”
“Booty Food: How To Sizzle In The Kitchen”
“Ten Steps To Pleasing Your Man”
Did you notice that last example? “Ten Steps To Pleasing Your Man”Not only do women LIKE sex, but they are CONCERNED about it and they want to be BETTER at it. They want to please their man.
Women are just like men, in other words. Just like YOU.

Now, if women were not interested in sex, those magazines wouldn’t be advertising those sex-help articles like they were the answer to world hunger. If it didn’t cause issues to fly off the racks and put bucks in the publisher’s pocket they wouldn’t print it.
Why is Sex and the City so popular, if not for the fact that so many women watch that show and wish they could have such adventurous, worry-free sex lives?

Women like sex. They want to meet men who turn them on, who make them feel good about themselves, who make them feel okay about sex.
Recently I met a girl who is super sweet to all of her girl and guy friends – yet in bed she has orgasm after orgasm, constantly wants sex, and loves it when I talk dirty to her describing her fantasies of group sex. But you would never guess she was a sexual monster just talking to this”super sweet”girl over lunch!
Now that you know women like sex, don’t go rushing out like a jerk and expect the first woman you talk to go home with you. It’s not going to happen like that.

First of all, when they first meet you (which means pretty much anytime you open a woman), most women are NOT comfortable talking about sex right away. They have been raised in a way to think that to do so is being forward and un-lady like; NOT a good girl. All of which has lead you to believe that you had to CONVINCE women to LIKE sex (which as we now know is untrue).
Ever asked for a raise from your boss? You’re trying to convince him to give you more money, right? How did you feel? Probably a little (or a lot!) unsure of yourself, a little afraid, a little hesitant. Your boss certainly picked up on that, which did nothing to make him feel confidence in you to grant you that raise.

HMM… Uneasy, fearful, twitchy and hesitant… not the best way to approach a boss OR a woman, is it?
But if you KNEW your boss WANTED to give out a raise… that’s a different story! You know you are a good employee, you know you hit all the things your boss cares about, and you know your boss wants to give SOMEBODY a raise; you are going to go to that meeting FULL of confidence, and score that raise!

The same thing applies when opening a woman. Get it in your head that the hottie you are approaching likes sex, and would just love to meet the right guy to have sex WITH. And hey, you’re the right guy, aren’t you? Just like in your review with your boss, where all you have to do is show him that you’re the guy for that raise, you just have to show this woman that you are the guy for her.
Get your head in the right game.
Women want sex… get used to it!

Now to really super-charge your belief systems, you need to work yourself from head to toe – and you can only get that through my complete system found in the Seduction Science System, 3rd Edition.
With me on your side, you’ll have a whole new life ahead of you – one full of sexual adventure, beautiful women, and most importantly, FUN!

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