The aroma plays an essential roll in your intimal life. Have it in mind when setting up the ideal environment for a love encounter. Everyone has his special body scent, which attracts, or not, other people. Pheromones are erotic scents that your body releases to attract the opposite sex. It is possible to increase these scents using essential oils to be more sexually appealing, improve your sex life and to achieve sexual plenitude. Denise Whichello, in her book “aromatherapy, Remedies through scent”, she tells us about special places where, the application of aromatic scents, can have more impact in your intimate life.

Add perfume to your underwear It is easy to do so. At the time of washing your clothes, manually or with the machine, in the final stage add from 2 to 4 drops of essential oil. Do not use absolutes or heavy oils to perfume your underwear, because it can leave stains or discolorate it.
Recommended essential oils
The bergamot
The Geranium
The neroli
The yang

You can also perfume your underwear in your drawers or the closet. Spread a few drops of oil in a piece of cotton and place them in paper bags, make a few holes in them, and let it impregnate your clothes. Silk essential bags can also be used. Cut a circle of silk and sew it around the circumference of it with a thick thread. Put a cotton bag with essential oils in the center of the circle of silk. Take the thread so that the cotton ball is closed for silk. Put a loop that can hang. In this case uses essential oils whose fragrance lasts longer, such as incense, patchouli, rose, jasmine, votive and ylang ylang. You can also make your own hanging bag to scent your clothes in the closet. Spread six drops of essential oil on blotter paper squares or pieces of any paper towels.
Perfume the bed sheets
Scented sheets are sexy and easy to do. There are several methods:

1. Put four drops of essential oil in a small amount of water and pour them in the softener section of your washing machine on the final rinse.

2. Fill a small spray bottle with mineral water, add ten drops of essential oil that you prefer and then spray the bottom of the sheets.

3. Put a few drops of essential oils of your choice in cotton bags or in a natural absorbent material and place them with your sheets in the closet or in the cushion.

Anoint your bedroom
A clay burner radiator or air freshener is the perfect way to create a romantic and sensual environment. Put a few teaspoons of water in a small bowl on the burner and pour clay, six drops. Light the wick so the oil can start volatilizing. You can mix different types of oils in the burner, to enhance the effect of aromas. The mixture should be between odors of the same class so that the result is pleasing to our sense of smell. These are good mixes for your bedroom:

1. One tablespoon of almond oil, plus: 2 drops of orange essential oil, 2 drops of lavender essential oil and 2 drops of Ylang-Ylang. This little mix causes a relaxing effect ideal for subsequent sexual way.

2. If you combine 3 drops of Neroli with 4 drops of Ylang-Ylang and 4 drops of rose, you will have a special blend to seduce. Apply slightly in different parts of your body, such as hair, hands or feet.

3. Add 3 drops of rose, 2 drops of Patchouli and 2 drops of sandalwood and gives your partner a sensual massage for your body, allowing your hands to slide with this mix.

4. Use 3 drops of rose, 2 drops of neroli, patchouli 1 drop and 3 drops of Ylang-Ylang to give the environment an exciting erotic essence. If you have an oil burner, you can flavor your room with incense. This is a good choice because it is readily available in stores, comes in thousands of colors and with different fragrances. Besides incense, it can be used not only to put flavor into your bedroom, but also to eliminate bad odors and even energize the environment.

Perfume your bath If you are going to take a bath alone or in company leave the body seduce with the action of essential oils. We recommend not to use mineral oils, it is best if you use blends that you make. For example: To get a good bath a few drops of myrrh combined with other drops of aromatic essence (rose-lavender-almond), do not forget to add the Ylang-Ylang, which by its relaxing and aphrodisiac effect depth is a key component. You can also use scented soaps; you can use those that are made with scents of vanilla, ylang-Yalng, rose or jasmine. Besides offering a dim romantic lighting, candles also can give us the aroma. Currently there are various options market scented candles, its use is very versatile, since you can place them anywhere in the house; bathroom, bedroom, living room or table, for a romantic evening. Again we mention that the main aphrodisiac scents are jasmine, rose, vanilla, ginger, clove, neroli, sandalwood and Ylang-Ylang, take them into account when purchasing your candles.

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