Astrology and Seduction (Female Edition)

I know that not everyone believes in astrology—that’s ok. I’m not saying it’s the most accurate and scientific system; however, from my time working the clubs and on the prowl, I will say that I did notice a definite correlation between someone’s star sign and their sexual/seduction preferences. I even made it a game with myself, when bored at work, to guess someone’s astrology sign with no clue other than 5 minutes to get to know them beforehand. I got pretty good at it.

So, here’s some seduction tips based on astrology sign. All have been field tested, tried, and true. Some signs will have more information about them than others, and that’s simply because, being a Libra myself, I’ve had more experience with certain signs that others.

And of course, these are geared towards women who go after men, i. e. they are male seduction tips. I will do a version with female signs soon!

ARIES —First of all, know that Aries men are always fast in bed. If you’re looking for long, slow, sensual love making, Aries are not for you! They are the kings of the quickie, and the quick draw in bed, so before you pursue one, be aware of this! In terms of seduction, Aries men are man’s men. They like to be aggressive and in charge, and tend to be naturally dominate. They can also be egotistical to the extreme, and have a hard time being emotionally intimate with their partners. However, oddly enough, the Aries man also appreciates a dominate female in bed, and can really be turned on by an equally powerful woman. Take two routes with them: either be a typical Playboy Playmate (Hugh Hefner is an Aries), and be passive and doll-like, or be an Amazon woman and match him and dominate him in bed (don’t ever do it in public, Aries men HATE being shown up)! Overall, think of the Aries man like a child, and know they are very simple and uncomplicated. They like physical things like sports and sex, like to eat and fuck, minus the complicated, philosophical bullshit. They also tend to like blondes, and fit women. A perfect Aries date involves competition (but let him win at least once!) and preferably something physical and exciting, like a sports match or a concert.

TAURUS —Each zodiac sign is the inverse of the sign before it, so Taurus men tend to be as relaxed and laid back as Aries men are wound up and energetic. Taurus men also are the most likely of all straight male zodiac signs to be cross dressers or to enjoy dressing up as women. They are naturally rather feminine, despite tending towards having muscular upper bodies and thick necks. As much as Aries are quick in bed, Taurus men are equally as long, and enjoy long love-making sessions, with lots of foreplay and kissing. However, they don’t like games or complicated things such as

BDSM—they prefer to keep their sex simple and straightforward. Taurus men also are lovers of luxury, and the more luxurious the surroundings, the happier they are. They also enjoy food A LOT and if you’re a good cook, use that to your advantage with a Taurus! Give him massages, feed him good food, and put out the satin sheets, and he’s gonna be a happy man. Taurus men also tend to go for curvier women, and they really appreciate a woman who is down to earth and who can cook and clean and keep a solid house. An ideal date for a Taurus would include a home-cooked dinner and a movie, followed by a candle-lit romp in satin sheets.

GEMINI —Geminis are the playful little tricksters of the zodiac, and really get off on verbal banter and long, drawn out discussions. Since Gemini rules the hands and arms, Gemini men also tend to be very dexterous and good with their hands, and yes, I do mean in bed as well! They love games and plays on words, and nothing gets them more excited than a puzzle or a game, whether in bed or while on a date. They are easily bored, and can lose interested if not mentally stimulated—be sure to keep the conversation interesting and be on your top game when it comes to entertainment. They are not the simple sign of Taurus—they need action and adventure! Geminis however, can also have a split personality, and have a sour, sad side to their playful nature, so don’t take it personally if your Gemini seems to switch gears on you. Try to keep their attention by dressing in unique, one of a kind clothing (Geminis can be dandies, they love their clothing and the more ostentatious and unique, the better!), and be sure to be a huge flirt—Gemini men are some of the most flirtatious men of the entire zodiac! A perfect Gemini date would include a standup comedy show, followed by a long night filled with witty banter and deep intellectual conversation, and ending with a sexually open and risque night of many different sexual positions (and possibly another partner, Geminis are very against ownership and possessive behavior).

CANCER —For all of the playful and lighthearted aspects of Gemini, Cancer reverses them and is one of the most serious and emotional of all male astrological signs. Cancer is a water sign, and is rather shy at first, as they are very easily emotionally hurt and damaged. In addition, Cancer’s tend to put all of their heart and soul into their relationships and almost worship their female partners, so if you are interested in a Cancer, be gentle with them. On the flip side, Cancers that have been hurt can come off as distant and closed, perhaps shy, or perhaps somewhat anti-social or mean. The thing with Cancers is that they have a shell (they are the sign of the crab, remember!) and to get to know them intimately is to know an entirely different side of them than the rest of the world sees. However, they are the best sign when it comes to marriage and the home—they live for their partners and really value the home, and raising children, and make amazing and involved fathers. In bed, Cancers are passive, even preferring dominatrix style women. Not all take it to that extreme, but Cancer men definitely have a thing for a strong, powerful and in charge woman. Be aware though that Cancer men are SERIOUS—they expect their partners to be traditional and faithful, so if you’re looking for a light-hearted fling, look elsewhere! A perfect Cancer date would involve a reservation at his favorite restaurant, where he feels comfortable and secure, followed by a cozy night in front of a fire place, or perhaps a bonfire in his backyard. Sex should be slow and emotionally intimate, and be sure to let him take his time to emotionally open up to you.

LEO —Ohhhh Leo men! What else can be said about them? For all of the privacy and reserve of the Cancer men, Leo’s take that and flip it right on around! They are by far the most egotistical and self-centered men of the zodiac, and are little Napoleons on occasion! Leo’s are most definitely the kings of their kingdom, and if you want a humble, simple man, stay clear of Leo men! However, they do have some winning aspects, in that they are very loyal and very honest lovers and are always active and engaged, and very social and good with people. You’ll never be lonely with a Leo man, he knows everyone and runs in many social circles. He also loves status and luxury and anything «high class» so to attract a Leo, you must act as much the princess as he is the prince! Pay attention to what you’re wearing and how you present yourself—class it up, and act like an heiress and he’ll be all over you in no time! Leos are not at all shy or reserved, so you’ll know when you’ve grabbed his attention! Also, if you can stroke or pet his ego, that’s the quickest way to his heart. There is no such thing as too much flattery for a Leo man, so lay it on thick and hard, and he’ll be all over you in no time! Leo’s are supremely easy to seduce if you follow this tricks. A perfect Leo date involves something social, a nightclub escapade at his favorite haunting grounds, where he can act like the king he is and show you his castle, followed by a night in a 5 star hotel, with Egyptian cotton sheets. He can be rather conservative in bed, and definitely doesn’t much like to work, so worship his body as you have worshiped his ego, blowing him and getting on top for much of the evening. Make sure your phone rings several times throughout the night so he can see that you have tons of friends too, and when you slip off your dress and heels, make sure he can see the label, and make sure it says a high-end luxury brand. Voila! He’s YOURS.

VIRGO —Virgo men get a bad rep for being boring, but the thing about Virgo men is simply that they find happiness in rather simple things. Camping, fishing, being outdoors by a fire—all of these appeal to a Virgo man. They don’t need a lot of stimulation or a lot of praise to feel happy; on the contrary, it usually makes them uncomfortable. Virgo men can be loners, and easily don’t need tons of friends to make their lives complete. They can be hard to become intimate with because in general, they don’t usually seek out a partner with as much passion and energy as other signs of the zodiac. However, the good part about Virgos is that they are AMAZING in bed! Perhaps unexpectedly amazing, considering how much of a wallflower than can be in social situations. They last for a long time, and stay rock hard for hours, and can easily get hard again after coming. For some reason, and this is just my own personal research, I’ve found that Virgos tend to have the largest dicks of all zodiac signs too! Go figure! However, Virgos don’t tend to be too adventurous in bed, preferring routine and tried and true methods to new or edgy activities. They also can be neat freaks, and really concern themselves with staying clean, having their partners be clean, and staying healthy. So be sure, if you’re going after a Virgo, to smell fresh and to be up to par on your personal grooming habits. They can be hypochondriacs, so don’t take it personally if you have a cold and they refuse you a kiss. Again, they are just fussy about their health. Another way to snag a Virgo is to just be naturally healthy looking—they are drawn to women who look naturally beautiful, fertile and healthy, and tend to shy away from over done women with too much make-up or plastic surgery. They also love Lolitas, girls who look preternaturally young for their age. Virgos also like to mentor their lovers, to take them under their wing and to «mold» them into someone else, as Virgos are the sculptors of the zodiac. They love an open-minded woman who is young and unformed, who they can teach and guide and turn into their version of the «perfect» partner. A great date with a Virgo would include a camping trip with just the two of you (if he’s an outdoorsy Virgo), or a quiet Monday night dinner at a highly reviewed restaurant, where the two of you can discuss and critique the food and other diner’s eating habits. Sex would follow at his place, where he’s comfortable, and will be long and intense, possibly followed by a second round after a shower or a hot, sensual bath together. Be warned with Virgos: they are natural critics. If he criticizes you, don’t take it personally. The way Virgos show they care is through attempting to help you, so when he criticizes you, he’s doing it out of love. Also, Virgos express love through action and through service, they are not romantics and don’t usually engage in romantic displays, like buying roses and champagne (you know, bad for your health!). But he pays attention to the small details and you should too, and thank him for all the small and subtle ways he shows love to you like this, for Virgos are also very loyal and solid partners, who would do anything for the ones they love!

LIBRA —Oh Libras! This is my sign, and I have so much to say about Libra men! Libra men, first and foremost, are dandies—they love to dress up and show off and make friends and talk talk talk! Libra men love a debate as much as anyone, and often times are lawyers or judges, or in any profession where debating and endless talking comes in handy! Libra men can also be total goofballs—light-hearted and fun people, but on the flip side, also shallow and easily distracted. Libra’s are also in love with love and beauty, and easily fall in and out of love, and have an addiction to physical beauty. Libra men typically go for the single most attractive woman they can find—whether or not they have a realistic chance with her or not! They also trade up; i. e. they date up the social ladder, and can use people to get to others who are more desirable. Libras are not the most steadfast partners, especially the men, but they are a hell of a lot of fun to be around and have excellent taste when it comes to clothing, art and social events. The quickest way to a Libra’s heart is to be fun and to be open-minded and to look KILLER. Beauty is the currency that runs his life, so be as beautiful as possible, and brush up on your art and social skills. Also, be a good conversationalist, as he loves to talk, and wear classically stunning clothing from well-known fashion houses. Also, be charming and flirtatious as he is a major flirt and simply enjoys flirting for flirting’s sake. Also, don’t be jealous or possessive or overly dramatic or intense—Libra men are not deep people and really dislike any confrontations or arguments. They also like things that aren’t serious, so let him take his time flirting and talking to you—don’t force him into anything serious. When and if he is ever ready, he will make the move to make it more than light-hearted, but any attempt on your end will seriously just push him far, far away. If there’s one thing that Libra men hate, it’s being trapped by an emotionally overbearing woman! Libras love love and are hyper-romantic but are not emotionally deep people. They enjoy the trappings of love but not the commitments and obligations. A perfect Libra date includes something fun, easy and social, like a movie or an art show, filled with friends and mutual acquaintances. Follow this with a light dinner in a place where you can really talk and give him some topics to debate with you, but never in a negative or serious way. Sex should be light and sexy, wear girlie and sexy lingerie and tease him with light kisses and gentle massages.

SCORPIO —Ok, I have to admit I know little about Scorpio men because I find them absolutely annoying. Scorpios are my least favorite zodiac sign, and I personally do not get along well AT ALL with Scorpio men, but I will do my best here for the rest of you! Scorpios are known for their obsession with possession—they love to be in control and to «own» people and situations. If you’re by nature an open and care-free person, don’t think your Scorpio will be ok with that! Their specialty is emotional and psychological manipulation, and they are masters at it, so before you even know what’s happening, you’ll find yourself falling into their little world. Along with Cancers, Scorpios are a water sign, and they are deeply emotional and function on an emotional level. They also really enjoy digging deeply into whatever they do—there is nothing «surfacey» about a Scorpio man. So expect that whatever it is—intimacy, conversation, work, play—he will throw himself 120% into whatever it is he’s doing, and if he’s doing you, well expect it to be

INTENSE. Scorpios are also drawn by nature to death and rebirth and can be rather morose individuals, but also philosophical. They like to explore and are always open to exploration of any type, including sex and eroticism. BDSM and role play and all sorts of sexual types and ideas excite them and expect them to be open to all of it, and if you’re not, they will push you to at least try it once. They also tie sex into psychology and will want to explore power dynamics through sexuality and will plumb the depths of your mind via love-making sessions. Keeping with all things deep and different, Scorpio men love an exotic and unique woman, and don’t usually care for your typical «run of the mill» pretty girl. They want someone who is as different and unique as they think they are, someone who touches them deeply. However, they are NOT romantic or gushy with their feelings, and don’t push them to be, otherwise you will easily get shut out of Scorpio’s world. On the whole, Scorpio men are drawn to unique and exotic women, and also like curves and large breasts and asses. A perfect Scorpio date would include a visit to a quirky new art show or independent film, followed by dinner at a foreign food restaurant, preferably something they’ve never tried before, and ending with some kinky, BDSM sex, maybe at a dungeon or sex club. A trip to a strip club, the dirtier and nastier the better, would also charm a Scorpio immensely.
Sagittarius, Capricorn, and Pisces in the next post!

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