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I have a friend, let’s call him Joe. His life is a living hell. He hates waking up in the morning and all day long he is trying to avoid his wife. He does all he can so he doesn’t have to be around the old hag. Joe’s life sounds familiar doesn’t it? Why doesn’t Joe want to be around her? Joe’s wife is a great cook. She has a great set of cans that I enjoy looking at. She keeps the house clean. You could eat off of the floors. She never spends too much money. She never buys anything for herself. She waits on him hand and foot. Hell, she will even wake up in the middle of the night to cook him something to eat when he comes home drunk.

All day long she nags him. Nothing suits her and everything he does is wrong. I feel bad for Joe. Sometimes I go visit Joe and then I jack off about his wife before I go to bed. That is the only way I would get involved with such a woman. Just me and my lotion and in my fantasy telling her to bend over and grab her ankles.

There is one problem though. I do feel bad for Joe, but he has done it all to himself. I know that you are maybe thinking, ‘how can he do this to himself? ‘. It is pretty simple really. Joe doesn’t know how to talk things out. He is a great guy, don’t get me wrong. If you are on a fishing trip and you need a buddy to go along with you, he is the greatest guy to take along. He is a great bowler and it is always great to have him on the team.
Like most men, Joe doesn’t really communicate his thoughts and feelings too well. This happens to a lot of men. They get so wrapped up in being a man, that they think they should have emotions made of stone. Joe needs to open up to his wife and talk to her. He shouldn’t go too far, because then she will be able to use that against him. We all know how women play mind games.

But he needs to talk to her. When he avoids her, he doesn’t give her the outlet she needs. A woman needs affection, love, someone to protect her and all that jazz. When Joe is spending every waking minute to avoid her because she is too bitchy, he is making it worse. If you were on a train track, you could see and hear the train coming from far away. You could get out of the way so you don’t get mowed over! Do this with your wife. If you don’t, she will mow you down! By the way, that isn’t a new slang sex term, that means she will ruin your life.
Here are some ways that you can allow her to get these things out of her system.

Talk to her. I know that sounds simple. Remember back to the things you said to her so she would allow you to bang her? All of that stupid nonsense that you used to tell her. How nice her hair looks, how good her cooking is and so forth. You need to continue to tell her those things. Spend a few minutes in bed each morning giving her a massage. She will love this. It will make her calm for the rest of the day. If she is in the right mood, you might get lucky too.

Buy her flowers and candy from time to time. Take her out to eat. Spend a few bucks on her. That will make her feel good and you will enjoy it too. Call her on your lunch break and tell her that you were thinking of her. If you are newly married, this will win her heart over. Probably if you have been married for many years she will think nothing of it. Hey, a phone call is cheap. As you can see, the nagging might not be all about her. It might be about you. She wakes up one day to find out that you aren’t the same man that tried to get into her pants before she married you. You are the same guy, you just can’t handle the nagging.

A little effort can go a long way. Nagging is something that over time gets really, really old. It burns you up more than hot peppers on their way out. Do something to change it and you will change your life and make you enjoy marriage again.

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