Dating Tips For Women – How to Attract Men

So you have probably found a Man who you want to bring to your attention but aren’t quite sure what to do. The question here isn’t what to do, believe me when I say women will know how to get a man’s attention. The question appears to lie more with how to get a man’s attention while maintaining a good image of ‘yourself’. In this article I will talk about a number of different tips you can use to attract the attention of a man, while keeping a good image of yourself.

1. Use A Perfume. This is probably the easiest and most helpful tip I can give you. You want to be noticed? Don’t forget that besides seeing you and hearing you, he can also smell you. What better way to attract a man then by presenting a beautiful scent along the road.

2. Accidental Bump. You’ve probably seen this done in the movies but believe me it works. Why not try to ‘accidentally’ drop something in front of him that he can pick up for you. If he picks it up, Bingo! You can start a conversation with him. If he ignores you and doesn’t help you out, well, that just comes to show he has no manners!

3. Perfect Timing. Analyze the situation a bit. Perhaps he is already trying to make signals with you. Now wouldn’t that be perfect? Both of you are trying to attract one another. Find the perfect moment and commence in conversation. But don’t wait too long, he may be shy. Most men however will commence first, so sit back and relax.

4. Do I Know You? If all fails, you can always pull the ‘Do I Know You’ card out. Go up to him and ask him if you’ve met before. You can then redirect the conversation towards another topic, and Eureka! You’ve got his attention.

Remember, these are only suggestions / tips. You don’t need to apply them word by word. Find what works best for you and I guarantee life will become a lot easier! Good Luck!