Sexuality And Love Spells

Amanda is a 22 year old girl from a small town on the east coast of America. Amanda was desperately in love with someone else, who showed no interest in her whatsoever, So Amanda bought a popular love spell online, cast it, and three weeks later, was dating this other person. That was a year ago, and the couple are still together, and very happy.

Nothing unusual about that story you might think. And you’d be right, except for one detail. Amanda is gay. Samantha, her girlfriend, was not gay when Amanda cast her spell.

Amanda’s story is not the only one of its kind. Every day, people of both sexes are casting spells to be with people of, well, both sexes! Guys casting on girls, guys casting on guys, girls casting on guys, and girls casting on girls.
This brings up an interesting point about love spells. They work on anyone, whatever their sexual persuasion.
As someone who casts spells for others myself, I am often amazed at how many people assume that love spells can only be used on heterosexual relationships. I don’t know why this should be the common perception, but it is.

When the subject of same sex relationships comes up, the next common assumption is that ok, a gay man can cast a love spell, but only on another gay man. Again, this is a false conclusion.
Sure, spells generally are easier to cast on someone when working with that persons “regular” orientation. But easy doesn’t mean only . A good, powerful love spell, can be perfectly capable of turning almost anyone.

Samantha (Amanda’s partner) had, she says, never thought about another girl in a romantic or sexual way in her life. Until the spell was cast, that is. She already knew Amanda, they had a mutual friend. Then one day she started having strange thoughts. Samantha takes up the story…
“I found myself aroused every time I was around Mandy. At first I couldn’t understand those feelings. They were the same kind of feelings I’d get when I was around a hot guy, but there weren’t normally any hot guys around. It took a while to click, but eventually I realised what was happening – I was attracted to Mandy!”

At this stage, Amanda didn’t know if the spell was working or not.
“I was casting it according to the instructions,” she told me. “I continued to see Sam on a social level, and I was looking for signs of the spell working, but nothing seemed to be happening.”
But something most definitely was happening. Samantha was falling for her, big time.

“Once I understood that I was attracted to Mandy, at first I tried to deny it,” says Sam. “I thought maybe it was a weird phase, but it wasn’t. The feelings got stronger and stronger, and became overpowering. She was all I could think about, day and night. Then one evening we were alone together, and something happened – I just leant over and kissed her! I had no idea what she would think, she hadn’t come out to me as being gay, but I didn’t care. I just had to do something.

“And to my amazement, she kissed me back. Things just went on from there – I’ll spare you the details!”
The girls have been together ever since. Amanda told Sam early on that she had used a spell on her, and it was never a problem between them.
I hear stories like this all the time. It’s great to know that everyone can benefit from the power of love spells, no matter who they are and who they desire.

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