Online Dating Tips for Men

Online dating, also known as Internet Dating, is huge. Many people successfully use online dating to meet people, often to the exclusion of all other methods (not something we recommend). An amazing amount of men fail at online dating however, and there are number of misconceptions that we will clear up.

Pick One or Two Dating Sites to Begin:

There are even online sites dedicated to singles into fitness
There seem to be an endless array on online dating sites. I suggest you at least start with what I consider to be the big three:
Match costs money and is the best site in terms of quality women although conversely you may get far fewer responses from Match. Just do it – it’s cheap!
OKCupid – OKCupid is free, although you can also pay for more functionality. I use the free option. I like OKCupid and find myself using it more and more often.
Plenty of Fish -Plenty of Fish is also free, although there are paid options that give you more functionality just like OKCupid. An enormous site, and you will find quality women there, but it’s kind of «bottom of the barrel» – for example one question you must answer is whether you own a car

Write Your Online Profile:

Your profile is extremely important. Many Kazakhstan girls for sex will read your profile BEFORE they look at the message you sent and if they don’t like it will not even read your message. Some women with hot pictures simply cannot read all their messages never mind respond.
We could write a lot about profiles, but basically you do not want a «me too» profile just like all the boring dudes out there. Avoid clichés like «work hard play hard» and «love to travel» – give examples instead. To learn the boring shit to avoid, just read a bunch of other guys profiles and you’ll see. Most mens profiles suck.
You need at least one picture!
No bare chested pictures no matter what! Trust me on this.
I like having a bunch of pictures and letting my female friends choose which ones are best. You do NOT need to tell them what the pictures are for if you do not want to.
Remember that dating skills matter with online dating just like any other dating techniques.

Contact Women:

Most women will not respond! If you get one in ten to respond you are doing ok. Hell, the women may be dead, not reading their messages anymore, or who knows what. You can always send a follow up message if you want, but be polite.
If you get one in ten to respond you are doing okay
Your initial message is an introduction basically. You do not try to set up a meeting for coffee or a drink immediately because that just does not work. Say hi, mention something from their profile so they know you read it, and be brief. Do not comment on their physical characteristics.
Ideally, send 5-10 messages most days (except not on Friday or Saturday night, because you might seem desperate). This might take 30 minutes or so, maybe after dinner.

Some women might contact you, but don’t count on it. I had a stunning woman 20+ years older than me contact me and we dated, but 99% of knockouts contacting men are scammers and probably fat Russian dudes trying to rip you off.


When women respond, try to get a phone number quickly, say within 3 messages back and forth. Most women want to talk or text before meeting. I usually say something like «I spend so much time online for work, let’s talk on the phone. What’s your number? Mine is …»
Some women will disappear after seeming interested at first, others will delete their profile before you meet, and some will never want to meet anyone. It’s just part of the game.

It is a numbers game. Send 5-10 quick messages most days and before long you’ll be meeting plenty of women.
Remember that the dating skills you’ve learned all still apply to online dating!

One Final Tip:

Don’t get too hung up on women’s pictures. Some women have awesome pictures and are, ehhh, not so hot.
Others have drab pictures but are stunning in person.

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