Enhancing your Relationship in a Few Simple Steps

Your relationship directly affects your mood and as a result has a huge impact on all aspects of your life. When you are happy at home, you are happier at work and with the other relationships in your life as well – same goes if the situation is reversed and you are unhappy at home with your partner.
After the initial dating period things may become stagnant and the couple may feel as if they are consumed by the stress and daily grind rather than enjoying the full potential of their relationship.
Enhancing your Relationship in a Few Simple Steps
Fortunately there are some easy and rewarding steps that can be done to enhance a relationship.
1. Listen – Since communication is one of the founding principles of a relationship, learning to truly listen to your partner will greatly improve your relationship. During arguments and debates people are usually quiet simply waiting for their turn to speak rather than actually listening. Both women and men are equally guilty of doing this – they look for flaws and holes in the other’s argument as if it is some contest to see who can win rather than realizing the hurt and pain that is often being missed!
2. Find more time – Work, friends, family, and children often leave barely any time left to spend with your spouse and this can create a lot of tension and feelings of neglect. Rather than spending overtime at work to get a bigger paycheck why not take the night off and spend it with your spouse? The rewards are far greater than a few bucks and the partner will love the fact that you took time to do something special for them – heck they may even reward you later!
3. Bring back the past – No this doesn’t mean bring up all of the bad arguments and painful memories, rather bring back the good memories and do some things with your partner that you did when you first met! Perhaps you went on walks in the park, went to a dollar theater every Wednesday, or even called during work just to say «I love you» – whatever it is, do those small things and you will see a huge difference!
4. Forgive – Unfortunately people aren’t perfect and despite people truly loving someone else, they will fail them from time to time. These failures are often the biggest problem in a relationship and can create a lot of tension – one person feeling as if they are a failure, and the other being angry and resentful because of the pain that was caused. Forgiving is the ultimate healer and if both people are committed in the relationship then forgiveness is necessary for the relationship to be long and successful.