Improving female sexuality

Education and public attitudes toward female sexuality is an interesting factor. Historically, female sexuality has always been placed in an unfairly rigid framework by social norms and rules.

How to improve female sexuality

The society in relation to women, as a rule, had two extremes. It can name it nonsexual – it means, frigid, or sexy, meaning a girl of easy virtue. It is not surprising that many women simply hide this sexuality in themselves, so as not to once again be confronted with a lack of understanding and condemnation of society. In this case, women need to understand, whatever you do, this will be wrong for someone. Even if there is no reason – it will come up. People just need topics for discussion, they fill in the empty places of their lives. And life is not so long, it is not worth spending time on “what people think”.

Do not be afraid of your desires watching Nudes. There is nothing shameful about them. On the contrary, develop them, fantasize, present in details what and how you would like to do something with your boyfriend, where you would like to have sex, in what poses. Imagine how your boyfriend touches you and how you feel at that moment. Tell him about your fantasies. If you are embarrassed to say it personally – write notes, messages, try sex with your boyfriend on the phone or on Skype.